Policies and Rules

IDRL Constitution – Constitution – CRL Illawarra Division as at 180717

IDRL Senior Competition By-Laws – By-Laws. Senior League 2018 – version 6 131218

IDRL Junior Competition By-Laws – By-Laws. Illawarra Aged Competition 2018 V2

IDRL Code of Payments Policy – Code of Payments Policy 040518

IDRL Player Points System – Player Points System 2020 V1

IDRL Player Payments Cap Framework – IDRL Player Payment Cap Framework 180918

NRL Code of Conduct – NRL-Code-of-Conduct

NRL Member Protection Policy – NRL Member Protection Policy

NRL Return to Play Policy – NRL_Return To Play Policy_P006_v2.0_05.02.2019

IDRL 2nd Division Criteria – updated 2nd division Criteria 120318



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