Policies and Rules

Policies and Rules

The Illawarra District Rugby League (IDRL) Inc (ABN 62 620 740 871) is a member of the NSW Community Rugby League Association Inc. The IDRL adopts the policies and procedures of the NSWRL, these can be located at the NSWRL website or following the below link:

Documents – NSWRL

Illawarra District Rugby League

The IDRL conducts and participates in a number of Rugby League competitions under the jurisdiction of the NSWRL, this is to provide the appropriate competition level for each participant. The constitution is as follows:

IDRL Constitution – Constitution – CRL Illawarra Division as at 180717

MOJO Homes Cup (Premier Men’s Open Age Competition)

For the policies and procedures for the Mojo Homes Cup (Presidents Cup) please refer to NSWRL policies and procedures.

MOJO Homes 1st Division/Harrigan Shield 2nd Division/ Mojo Homes U18’s Mens

For policies and procedures for the Mojo 1st Division, 2nd Division & U18’s competitions please refer to the following:

IDRL Senior Competition By-Laws – By-Laws. Senior League 2018 – version 6 131218

To support competition fairness, the IDRL also adds further criteria to the 2nd Division competition, these are as follows:

IDRL 2nd Division Criteria – IRL 2nd division Criteria updated 310329

South32 Women’s & U18’s Girls Tackle competitions

The IDRL women’s and U18’s girls tackle teams participate in the Wests/Macarthur District competitions, the operations manual for these competitions is as follows:

Wests/Macarthur Senior Competition By-Laws – 2022 NSWRL Macarthur Senior League Competitions – Handbook (Rules and By-laws) FINAL

South32 Aged Competitions Junior Internationals 13’s-16’s

The IDRL has combined with Group 7 for the conduct of competitions in these age groups, these competitions are administered by the NSWRL on behalf of the IDRL/Gr7 Merged competition committee. The by-laws for this is as follows:

Merged Competition By-Laws 2022 Merged Competition By-Laws

South32 Aged Competitions (Ladies/Girls League Tag, 12’s and Under competitions)

IDRL Junior Competition By-Laws – By-Laws. Illawarra Aged Competition 2018 V2


The IDRL has also implemented the following policies:

NSWRL Player Points Index System – ppis_1-march_2022.pdf (nswrl.com.au)

IDRL Code of Payments Policy – Code of Payments Policy 040518

IDRL Player Payments Cap Framework – IDRL Player Payment Cap Framework 180918

NRL Code of Conduct – 2020nrl-dev19_code_of_conduct_v4.pdf (playrugbyleague.com)

NRL Member Protection Policy – NRL Member Protection Policy

NRL Return to Play Policy – NRL_Return To Play Policy_P006_v2.0_05.02.2019


All other policies can be located as follows:

National Rugby League – Play Rugby League Policies and Guidelines – Play Rugby League


For any queries on policies and procedures, email info@steelers.com.au



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